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Would you like to share your expertise on gastronomic heritage from the world, food an history or deliciously healthy recipes? Welcome on board!

I’m happy to welcome passionate bloggers who are passionate about food beyond food and want to share interesting stories behind dishes, cooks, foodie authors and culinary traditions.

Have a look around y website so you can feel and see the way I approach gastronomy.

Please read the guidelines below and if you think your story is a fit for How to Be the Hero of your Own Kitchen, send me an email to with your proposal.

Guest post guidelines

your post should

  • Be original.
  • Be between 400 and 1000 if you want to publish part of your research split in two posts.
  • Send between 4 -6 photographs one of them in landscape format for the cover. All photographs must be either taken by you or provide the source. Especially if they are from historical archives, will help readers get to know more.
  • Include links to your website or blog and social media accounts of your choice.
  • Provide a short (Twitter short) bio of yourself for me to introduce you.
  • Post should be accessible, readers include experts and curious foodies, let’s get them excited about new ways to explore food!

Your post should not

  • Be an adaptation or reinterpretation of someone else’s work.
  • Contain publicity, neither open or hidden.
  • Be respectful about cultural practices from the world, don’t use derogative or prejudicial opinions about other people’s food, race or history.

 I’ll be in contact with you shortly after you send your proposal, if we’re both happy with the prospect, we’ll work on making it happen!

Guest posts are a great way to socialize views, works and opinions that wouldn’t otherwise reach to a broader audience, I’ll do my part sharing it with my readers, you can add links from your website and we’ll build bridges of knowledge and passion about food.