BakerMy greatest joys in life come from learning and sharing. I believe knowledge and bread are only meaningful when shared. 

My experience with food had a pragmatic kick start, my parents had a straight forward approach to food, it had to be natural, simple and healthy. All of our vegetables came from our allotment garden, eggs from our chicken and milk from the farm from across the road.

But I always felt hopelessly bewitched by the smells of freshly ground spices, the gentle sound of simmering sauces and the joy that came from seeing my family’s smiles after lunch.

And after years of intellectual and professional pilgrimage here I am, sharing with you my passion for beautiful, healthy, heart warming food.

I believe we all can become awesome cooks because creativity is within us, there’s only a few good skills you need to master, be willing to try and fail and try again and become…the hero of your own kitchen!

madeleinesWant to know more?

A common thread running throughout my entire professional and learning experience has been using direct and meaningful personal communication to help inspire and promote positive change in people and society. 

From my bachelor’s degree in Communication right through to heading a cultural NGO, with my master’s in International Aid for Development, coordination of campaigns for social change, organization, curation and promotion of thought-provoking events and exhibitions on community issues, consulting on local development projects, creation of media and communications material for organizations and projects.

My passion for education lead me to become a Montessori trainer, I help people discover and transform their natural talents and leadership skills to grow into inspiring leaders for children who will learn, understand and love the world they’ve inherited.  


    • Why thank you! It’s been a long journey and hard work to distill my views on food but I really think that food is one of the most wonderful manifestations of our creativity, love and resourcefulness.

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