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Discover Mexico’s Gastronomic History

I’m trhiled to share with you my new projects:

Pass the Chipotle Podcast and SABOR! This is Mexican Food Magazine.

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Mexico’s  national  cuisine  is  an  infinite  source  of  inspiration,  knowledge  and  pleasure. Indeed, I believe there’s no better way to explore a culture than through its gastronomic history.

Through SABOR! and its sister project, the Pass the Chipotle podcast, I hope to share my findings – a new approach to Mexico’s food and culinary traditions – with you.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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SABOR! This is Mexican Food is a quarterly digital magazine dedicated to the exploration of Mexico’s gastronomic heritage and traditions.

Each issue of the magazine offers easy to follow recipes that are delicious and unique, accompanied with great photography and in-depth articles about Mexico’s gastronomic traditions, SABOR! This is Mexican Food celebrates Mexico’s amazing culinary heritage. Click bellow to purchase the magazine.sellfy

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Pass the Chipotle is a delicious and thought provoking bi-weekly podcast discovering Mexico’s gastronomic history. Presented by me, Rocio Carvajal Food researcher, cook and author.

It will change the way you think about Mexican food, cooking and eating. Guaranteed!  Find the show iTunes.




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