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The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure Book

the hairy bikers aisan adventure bookWe are constantly bombarded with programs of glossy celebrity chefs or hyper-sensual cooks who perform unspeakable acts of soft food porn (nothing wrong with that) but there is a pair of big hairy northern blokes who just simply love food, cooking and hanging out on their motorbikes, this unexpectedly brilliant cooks are The Hairy Bikers.

 Si (Simon) King and Dave Mayers have worked in tv and film production and professional makeup and prosthetics respectively. They met during the filming of a tv show and their mutual passion for food brought them together and put them on the other side of the cameras.

They have released nearly a dozen tv shows and published the same amount of companion books with their recipes.

Si and DaveWhat’s great about these boys is that they’re both highly likable, authentic and funny and never ashamed of their adorable geordiness (that’s a slang for referring to people from the north east of England). They’re not Michelin chefs but they don’t try to be one either!, many of their recipes come from their trips, they meet people, get to know about their traditional food and try their own versions of these recipes.


On 2014 one of my favourite series of them aired on BBC2: The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure, where they visited Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and Korea, the series was soon followed by a cook book of the same name.hairy bikers.

The recipes are staggeringly easy to make but it always helps to watch the series too to get in the zone.

I highly recommend to watch and cook their recipes, as it is a double treat to enjoy their relaxed and fuss free approach to home cooking.

I’ve cooked many of their recipes for my own Geordie boy and they never fail to deliver flavour and comfort.


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