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Peyton and Byrne. British Baking

peyton and byrneThese days there’s hardly any famous restaurant, bistro or bakery that doesn’t have their own book. Im not sure if it comes from a genuine desire to share the recipes and their take on whatever food they make or if these days is just another entry on the marketing to do-list for every food business.

Some books only come through as nice coffee table props, glossy pictures and expensive paper. Others apart from being pretty, actually feel genuine and tell a story.

The latter is the case of this book. Posh and sophisticated, the Peyton and Byrne group doesn’t really strike as the story of a cozy cottage industry but just because a business takes off and becomes an emporium that doesn’t mean it’s less authentic.

I have enjoyed reading and baking recipes from this book because they have a real feeling about them, it almost feels like baking from hand written manuscripts that had been passed down by an old aunt or grandma herself.

Yes, they’re traditional British tea-time favourites with no attempt to “posh them up” nor to make them trendy by adding exotic ingredients.

peyton and byrne cafe


I actually believe this book and its recipes make a great addition to any good repertoire of home-favourite bakes.

The copy I used is not mine but from the formidable public Library of Birmingham where they have several copies. And I must mention that this library has a great collection of foodie books, well done!


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