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How I went from researcher to baker to microbakery owner

This exciting story began about two years ago right after I became a self- taught baker. My increasing curiosity about historical recipes took me to explore and bake many types of heritage breads from around the world and soon I began to track down the impressive bread and baking history of Puebla, Mexico my hometown.

After much research I began putting all the information together and the fascinating world of Colonial bread began revealing itself to my eyes: the wheat production, the story behind the mills, laws, guilds and bakers.

Of the staple types of bread produced in Puebla I was determined to find out the recipe of one particular kind: “Pan floreado”.

This first class bread produced with flour from “trigo canteal” (tricum dorum) the most valued variety of wheat for the grain’s hardness, flavour and quality.

For months I dug and cross referenced many documents until I finally came up with the recipe to reproduce this historical bread with great success if I may say so.

Following this specific bread’s story, I found that according to the city’s laws regarding bread making, each baker had to register a seal or stamp with a unique design to distinguish his or her loaves from those of others.

I went to the historical archives, photographed dozens of bread stamps and although it was a hard choice I picked a crown eagle to mark my loaves with it.

It all came nicely together, the story, the design, the recipe and a business project in the making.

With the encouragement from my family and loads of business and career coaching from the ever so talented MrD, I stepped into my own microbakery story.

I do have –a constantly improving- business strategy which includes branding, marketing, distribution, customer engagement and so on.

What makes this project special?

  •  Artisan bread. Unique heritage recipe that makes a great bake.
  • Signature decoration, a beautiful design that evokes the bread’s history.
  • Bake on demand.
  • Office delivery on a weekly schedule.

People’s reaction.

I am well aware that this is a niche product, hence I’m targeting universities and research institutes.

The feedback has been amazing, customers are genuinely excited to have the chance to eat a bread with such an extraordinary history and have had a great response to the bake itself, flavour, texture, looks.

What’s next?

I’ll slowly expand to include other historical breads from around the world.

Business is still in its early days, everything is going as it should, with sleepless nights, long working hours and constant learning.

It’s terrifying and exciting but I it its going well and I’m definitely enjoying it!

This is the Bakery’s website (all in spanish)

Do you own a micro business or are you considering setting up one? Do share your story I’d love to know about your hopes, challenges and motivations.



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