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Nigella Express. Good Food, Fast

nigella express By Nigella Lawson

Chatto & Windus (2007)

It seems almost redundant to explain who Nigella Lawson is, but for the sake of argument I will.

Nigella Lawson is a renowned British food writer and tv cook.

She made a name for herself after she graduated from Oxford University and began writing restaurant reviews for The Sunday Times in the mid-1980s.

After that she became a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines writing about food.

Her first book “How to eat” was publish in 1998 with a huge success. Several books followed, Nigella Express is the 6th of them.

After she published her third book “Nigella Bites” she began a tv career as a cook and the subsequent projects were a combo of a tv series and the companion book that included all the recipes presented.

She is famous for her seductive personality, she has described herself as a glutton, she has no professional cooking training and has never claimed otherwise.

Her approach is to make food an abundant source of pleasure. Her ample vocabulary, sensual moves and charming personality have helped her coined the title of “domestic Goddess” (also the title of one of her books).

This book is in my opinion one of the best written and the recipes are almost affordable for anyone. She makes no excuses to use exotic (and expensive) ingredients, always showing her effortlessly luxurious lifestyle.

Nigella Express is designed to provide speedy recipes to make everyday meals easy and nutritious delicious.

The sections target different types of meals, it has 12 different categories:

  • Every day easy
  • Workday winners
  • Retro Rapido
  • Get up and go
  • Quick, quick, slow
  • Against the clock
  • Instant Calmer
  • Razzle Dazzle
  • Speedy Gonzalez (no offence taken)
  • On the run
  • Hey presto
  • Holiday Snaps

And it ends with some pantry advice.


Potato & Mushroom gratin. Page.39

The hard-cover edition is everything you might expect from a celebrity cook’s book: It’s big, bright, fancy paper, glossy photos, neat design.

But there is always something more about Nigella’s books, we could say that the image she projects of herself and her life is more of an aspirational motivation, I do wonder how many of her fans actually cook her recipes or simply relax and enjoy some good old “food porn” with her books and shows.

I’ve cooked many recipes from this book, with great success should I add and re reason why is that every recipe is tested, well presented and explained and I have learnt to follow instructions, as simple as that.

This is not the only book of hers that I own but this was my first and I guess that’s why I’m quite fond of it.

To read, to see or to cook, this is indeed a good book.


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