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Afternoon Delights. Coffeehouse favourites: Coffee Cake, Brownies & Bars, Scones & More

AfternoonDelights By James K McNair & Andrew Moore

Chronicle Books, San Francisco (2001)

It is generally assumed that women are more sweet-toothed than men.

But not only that, it is almost a western cultural fact that sweet afternoon treats are almost exclusively feminine.

Well this pair of male bakers not only prove that men are equally drawn to the joys of a mid afternoon dessert, they actually present a total of 25 great recipes.

I can personally assure you that they work perfectly.

Since both authors are heavily influenced by American gastronomy, the selection of recipes reflects the eclectic combination of culinary heritages brought to America by the many immigrants that have made of the U.S. their home.

The book is divided in three main sections:

  • Cookies (Biscuits)
  • Brownies and Bars
  • Scones, Quick Breads & Coffee Cake

madeleinesWe can find Italian biscotti, Russian tea cakes, Madeleines, Lemon bars, lemon-poppy seed bread, brownies, shortbread and the all American peanut butter cookies amongst other classics.

Every recipe comes with a brief introduction, a photograph and really easy to-follow instructions.

What I like about it, is that is quite pragmatic, they don’t go phylosophical about cake, they like desserts, they gathered good recipes and presented them and sometimes that’s all you need from a good cookbook.



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