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People Of Corn

Every food has a special meaning for every cuisine.

But there are certain staple foods that are revered by those cultures whose survival has depended on them.

Such is the case of potatoes, rice, rye, wheat, millet, chickpeas and maize (corn).

The region comprising Mexico and Central America known as Mesoamerica was one of the big agricultural regions of the Neolithic.

Before the Spanish arrival in the Americas around 88 different crops were successfully produced of which maize is the thread that defines the gastronomic and agricultural history of the region.

Zea mays (corn) was first domesticated in what is now the state of Puebla, in the valley of Tehuacán nearly 9000 years ago.

Even after the Spanish colonization, corn based products are still widely  preferred  over wheat products. So no flour tortillas please.

The corn seeds or kernels are rich in carbohydrates and proteins, and have been consumed in various forms such as dough, bread, soups, baked on open ovens, boiled and steamed.

The most common way of processing the dried ears of corn is by Nixtamalization:

This process involves cooking the dried kernels by boiling them in a solution of limewater to soften the hard skin in order to remove it by hulling.

The stripped kernels are then washed and ground into a dough to prepare a wide range of foods from tortillas to tamales, soups and other varieties of stuffed buns that can be fried, poached, steamed, baked or boiled.


Pastries made with toasted corn flour (pinole), seasoned with cinnamon.


Pinole Ice cream



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