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The Skinny French Kitchen: 100 Light and Delightful French Favourites

The-Skinny-French By Harry
EastwoodBantam Press
Ever so often my loved one says with an almost annoyed voice that “the French” have to turn everything into art…even food! and he’s right of course. There’s nothing improvised about their food, even a dessert has to be a delicately planned event.

So, what’s skinny about French food you might ask (just as I did myself)? Well, not much really. This book is written by a girl who loves eating, and perhaps ove- eating, but didn’t do well on the genetic lottery and has a slow metabolism that forced her to come up with a scheme to indulge whilst trying not to pile up the pounds.

This otherwise elegant and eye-pleasing recipe book covers the whole menu, from Aperitifs to sides, dinners for two, quick meals, comfort food and desserts. She is certainly not trying to reinvent the wheel here, God knows there are hundreds of books by mesmerized foodies that go to Paris aHarry Eastwoodnd have a gastronomic revelation, but she went to the trouble of counting the terrifying calories of each recipe and I’m guessing working endless hours to come up with lighter-yet flavourful versions of classic French dishes.

It has everything you might expect from a chic cook book; glossy pictures, cheesy anecdotes, Parisian snapshots (to provoke envy?) and lovely fonts.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to say that this is a dull book, specially if you actually intend to cook its recipes but it hasn’t necessarily been a revelation, at least not to me. Will it be for you? Perhaps. I have made her Crepes Suzette (not particularly different from the classic version) meaning they were good and half did her Oeuffs en Cocotte, and I mean half did because she uses tarragon, and since I’m not a real fan I used chives and sage which I think have more of a kick.

When it comes to quality, presentation, photography and  recipe reliability I give it 10/10. When it comes to originality the book you will make you aware of how many calories you’ll have to redeem after each dish. 


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