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The Fabulous Baker Brothers

 fabulous baker brothersBy Tom & Henry Herbert
Headline, London, 2012.

It wouldn’t be fair to say that the rise to fame of the “Fabulous Baker Brothers” is due to the “Bake -Off” effect, but it might have helped that people like yours truly was already intoxicated with all baking-related things.

There’s no doubt that the image of both Tom (the baker) and Henry (the butcher) has been clearly polished to appeal to the hipster kind but they are truly talented and by no means overnight experts, as they insist on reminding us that they are part of a baker’s “dynasty” from Gloucestershire.
This book is the companion of their BBC-4 series and has the same fresh, candid and no fuss approach to both baking and cooking *big* chunks of meat.

I bought the hard-cover for two reasons, the first is that it’s a beautiful book, well designed and pleasant to read, but the second and more important, I was determined to bake the hell out of it, and I have! It’s sturdiness will help it survive many battles.

They provide clear and simple instructions to all the recipes, including tips and serving suggestions mixing in the occasional anecdote.

It is good enough for beginners because all the recipes are achievable with different degrees of complexity but it’s also a treat for the advanced baker who is looking forward trying British classics, all time favourites like burger baps, chapattis, pitas, and trenchers. They also offer some easy to-follow recipes for curries, cakes, pies and even the good old pea soup served in a bun.

You won’t be disappointed with this book and it makes a great gift for bakers and foodies alike.

I’ve cooked and baked many of their recipes with great success and because their bread recipes are simple and good (two things I like) I’ve bake them many times.

My top bakes are the pitas, burger baps, white loaf, brioche and milk bread.

You can follow both Tom and Henry on instagram and twitter, and I do have to say that it’s quite refreshing to find food celebrities that actually take the time to answer questions and comments.

Twitter:                                      Instagram:
@henry_herbert                        henry_herbert 
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