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From The Horn Of Africa To The World

gree.fwLast September on a sunny weekend we decided to go the Prime Meridian and enjoy the sights of the Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival.

The very much inspired trio that played sailors’ songs and sea shanties in a gazebo kept people smiling, mostly because they were really bad but they played with admirable enthusiasm.

logoNot 5 minutes away from the train station is the famous Greenwich Market, according to its official website both the market and the village are intricately linked to Royal history and the Royal Charter Market dates back to the 19th December 1700 (even when its logo says otherwise) giving permission for its operation for 1000 years.

This is the market’s official Twitter account:  @shopgreenwich

The market has functioned as such for hundreds of years altough not without suffering the ups and downs of political, economical and social events of the kingdom. After WWII the market’s activity began a slow and painful decline that lasted way into the 1980s when a project to revitalize the market changed its fate.greenwichm

In this same period several other markets in London were being renewed into arts & crafts markets with ready made food stalls, and to this day it is a favourite destination for visitors and residents alike.

The main entrance is on Church Street and most food stalls are in the first section of the market. The small space is full of smells, spices and hungry people gorging themselves on treats as they walk. Keep in mind that the food options vary seasonally but the offer is quite interesting and go way beyond sandwiches and sausage rolls. You can find: Chinese, Japanese, Argentinian, Spanish, Mexican, German, Thai, Italian, noodles of several kinds, and many options of hot and cold drinks and of course plenty of options for the sweet toothed.

It is always a good idea to build your appetite before lunch and have a nice long walk afterwards. Don’t miss lovely Blackheath that’s just uphill from Greenwich.

But the stall that is the centre of this post is the fantastic “Vegetarian Ethiopian Food”.

stallThe Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is located in what in The Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia’s economy is largely based on its agricultural production and the crops include many cereals, beans, coffee, chickpea and sugar cane amongst others.


Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia they all share many culinary similarities such as a generous use of spices, they all have their own versions of sour breads, and lamb, chicken, beef and fish stews plus they like to eat loads of different chillies.

sam[ This is a lentil samosa] At this market stall you’ll be able to choose from many different dishes, all vegetarian (and by this I mean *vegetarian* no fish or poultry).

 The portions are generous and you’ll really enjoy a feast of flavours and their lunch boxes are really good value.

fle.fwWe sat to have a picnic at the Naval College Gardens then visited the National Maritime Museum, walked by the pier and enjoyed a cup of coffee on our way to the Royal Observatory.

It’s a very pleasant day out, do go when you have the chance.



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