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Frida’s Fiestas: Recipes & Remniscences of Life with Frida Kahlo

Frida's FiestasBy Guadalupe Rivera & Marie-Pierre Colle.

Crown Publications, 1994

Without a doubt Rivera & Kahlo are one of the most emblematic artistic couples of Mexico and Latin America. Their lives seem like an endless vortex of extravagant events and dramas that shaped their careers and creative work. Frida's KitchenThis book by Guadalupe Rivera daughter of Diego from his first marriage, offers unique access to endearing memories and anecdotes of the couple’s domestic life. Guadalupe or “piquitos” as she was called, spent a great deal of time at the famous “casa azul” with her father but mostly with Frida with whom she had a close and warm relationship.
Diego_Rivera_and_his_daughter_Guadalupe_Rivera_Marín_-_Google_Art_Project The book is a culinary memoir that takes the reader through a whole year of all kinds of celebrations, from a wedding to a brunch on board of a trajinera in Xochimilco, birthdays, Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead),  Christmas and Dia de Reyes (Epiphany).

The recipes work as a sort of bond between the reader and the Rivera-Kalho home, and believe me you will have an authentic taste of Mexican home cooking in every page. God knows how many recipes from this book I’ve cooked over the years, many are family favourites and I simply call them Frida’s this or Frida’s that.

Courgette & blue cornOf all the recipes presented, there is one soup that makes me sigh, I call it “Caldo Fida” but its original name is “Sopa de flor de calabaza” (Pumpkin flower soup), it’s a lighter version of a tortilla soup with poblano chilies, mushrooms, courgettes, corn kernels and onion, seasoned with fragrant epazote and garnished with tortilla chips, cream and avocado (drooling already?).

 Honestly go get this book, cry and laugh with is great anecdotes, and try some of its many amazing recipes.


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